A tool to automate some of the work in the Customer Support team at EZFiverr took tasks that could happen several times per shift, and take ten minutes or more, and reduced them to a few seconds. In a team of over 30 people, this saves over 50 hours of work per week across the Customer Support department.

This is a demo version for this portfolio, not the actual tool.
EZFiverr Demo for OSX
EZFiverr Demo for Windows

Flexshopper Missing Image Detector

This application will find products on that are missing images by using search keywords. Previously, the customer support team had to slowly do this by hand, but with this tool the team has gone from finding a handful of image errors per week to finding hundreds in less than a minute.

Flexshopper missing image detector for OSX
Flexshopper missing image detector for Windows

Repeating-Xor Decryptor

A repeating-xor encryption and decryption tool. This tool uses probability, character analysis, Hamming Distance, and tens or hundreds of thousands of calculations in a few seconds to successfully decrypt a xor-encrypted message without knowing the encryption key.

Source code and more information at Github.
Download Decryptor

Chat Application

This is a basic chat application for simple text messaging. It can send and receive messages in local area networks. One user sets the application to listen on a specific port number, and then the other user puts in an IP address to connect to, and a port to connect to at that IP address. This is a direct connection, with no server in between.

Currently, this application sends everything in plain text, and isn't secure. Soon, I will be adding encryption, including symmetric and asymetric encryption, and Hash-based Message Authentication Code (HMAC).

For more information, or to see the source code, check it out at my Github account.

Mac version here.
Windows version here.

Austen Erblat is a professional website for South Florida journalist and musician, Austen Erblat. This website includes articles, videos, music, and the resume or Austen, as well as his work history and information on contacting him for an important news story.

Coral Alterations & Designs is a website built for a local tailoring and home decor design business. It includes contact and location information complete with a map in Goolge maps, a gallery, and the purpose of the business in the owner's own words.

Willow Payne showcases the comics and illustrations of the artist Willow Payne, and provides contact information and links to her store and Patreon account. The comics can be viewed page by page and the illustrations can each be clicked on for a full screen view.

Kim Picks Up Poop is a website for a local pet walking and care business in South Florida run by Kim Smith. It displays the features of the service, and includes a review section for customers who'd like to leave a testimonial.